Non – bank loan – try up to CZK 80,000

The bank loan is now negotiated immediately, just like a non-bank loan

Non-bank loan versus bank loan

Non-bank loan versus bank loan

The bank loan on account is still appealing to many, because its advertisers offer online approval immediately. However, non-bank loans are often subject to high interest and other risks.

Rather than studying the terms and conditions and reviews of unknown lenders for hours, you would rather approach a reputable banking company. Many years have changed in recent years. Current banks are more flexible and usually do not require a guarantor or pledge.

The bank loan offers you the same benefits as a non-bank loan. If all is well, you will get it immediately, without a personal meeting. All processing is online and the loan is sent to your account within 1 minute of approval.

Loan online immediately on account from Zaloan Bank

Loan online immediately on account from Zaloan Bank

The online loan to Zaloan Bank is available to all clients who adhere to the safe lending policy. Applicants aged 19-85 who have paid their previous Zaloan loans are provided without a guarantor and pledge.

Zaloan Bank products yesterday and today

Zaloan Bank products yesterday and today

Zaloan Czech has brought to our financial market non-bank loans without a register, the so-called Finnish loan. Today it is a bank and for all clients with a good credit history has prepared reliable fast loans from 500 CZK to 20 000 CZK.

You can also arrange a Zaloan Credit loan on an overdraft basis of up to CZK 80,000. As a trusted customer, you borrow it repeatedly and under more favorable conditions than normal quick loans. This modern bank loan is therefore more affordable than any non-bank loan. Plus, safe, from a reliable Zaloan bank that has more than 2.5 million clients worldwide.

Choose as much money as you need

Choose as much money as you need

Zaloan Credit is actually a virtual credit card that allows you to repeat loans to your liking. Bringing it through small financial difficulties, solving unexpected expenses, but also buying cheaper goods or services. Indeed, Zaloan loans are pointless – you do not tell the bank what you are using.

“ You simply choose the necessary amount of reserve from 2,500 to 80,000 CZK, which is ready for you after approval. Once you have the money, just ask for it. Because everything is pre-arranged, the conversion will be immediate. This way you can exhaust the entire Zaloan Credit at once, or have it shipped gradually, ”says Stanislav K. of Ostrava, who has already tried it out, in a Zaloan Credit loan.

You can settle the loan either in one-off or monthly installments of 12.5% ​​of the current amount owed. Of course, the interest rate is only calculated on the amount used – if you do not borrow money, we have Zaloan Credit available for free. You pay only CZK 1,000 per month for the loan of Zaloan Credit up to CZK 6,000. You can indulge in paying holidays twice a year.

The first free loan – up to CZK 80,000

The first free loan - up to CZK 80,000

At Zaloan Bank you can see clearly how much you pay for the loan. Or you do not have to pay for it – if you are a new client, you have it for free for the first time up to CZK 80,000 (you will refund the same amount within 30 days, so you pay no interest).

Mrs. Olga from Valašské Meziříčí, who needed money to pay for a sightseeing tour, also used the first free loan. Since only the last places were available, the traveler had to point out the whole amount immediately. It was still a long way from paying the pension, and so Olga turned to Zaloan. “I borrowed 4000 CZK for 22 days. Because it was the first time, my loan was free, with zero charge and interest. “

“Every time we withdraw from the Zaloan Credit Account, you are immediately on the account, just like the previous non-bank loan. Zaloan Credit suits us more than earlier borrowing from family and friends. We do not want to be among them as debtors, ” says Mrs. Jaroslava, the mother of three children from Jihlava, whose family Zaloan Credit often helps. Typically a week before maternity pay, when something has to be paid immediately and funds are missing in the account.

Mrs. Ludmila adds: “I appreciate the availability, prompt settlement and helpfulness of the Bank’s employees to the Zaloan service.”

The bank loan is currently supervised by the CNB

The bank loan is currently supervised by the CNB

A risk non-bank loan, a promissory note or an OP, especially a loan up to 5000, has been under the supervision of the Czech National Bank since the end of 2016. Under the new consumer protection law, lenders can continue to operate only with a banking license and also have to raise capital of at least CZK 20 million.

However, will over-the-counter loans with property pledges, pre-collected or hidden fees actually disappear from the market? It is up to the consumer to decide what loan he will choose, what he will find out about his provider and what contract he will sign. In any case, the new consumer credit law is on your side.

Trust Zaloan Bank, which has received a banking license as the first non-bank lender on the Czech financial market. Its services are verified by both clients and independent financial advisors.

The experience of clients who were previously assisted by a non-bank loan

The experience of clients who were previously assisted by a non-bank loan

Loan reviews are never enough, so we add a few more:

  • “In the past, sometimes a non-bank loan helped us at home,” said Marcela. “But it was expensive. Today we have a Zaloan Credit 50 000 CZK as a financial reserve. We’re repairing the house, so we still have a lot of expenses. After paying out, we usually settle the debt immediately so that it does not grow. We can handle what we can at Zaloan Bank via sms. The service operates 24 hours a day. ”
  • “I am surprised by the speed and helpfulness. I highly recommend Zaloan, ” Mr. René wrote online.
  • Mrs. Daniela had the windows and balcony doors replaced in her apartment, and she had once again drew some of the money from the Zaloan Credit account. She said: “The budget was set at CZK 27,000 in the event. I had saved 20,000 CZK and borrowed the remaining 7,000 CZK from my Zaloan Credit loan account. In 30 days I returned CZK 8470 and had Zaloan Credit fully available again. ”
  • Ms. Iveta also has Zaloan Credit, who replaced her former non-bank loans at her home, and said: “Last time we borrowed 8,000 CZK from our Zaloan Credit account for a new TV and repaid it in several installments with reasonable increases. Zaloan’s quick loan helps us to pay out discreetly, and we won’t even remember earlier expensive sms loans or borrowing from friends. ”

Do you know that you now have up to CZK 80,000 with 0% interest for 30 days?

So far, have you not used Zaloan Bank’s progressive services? Never mind, now is the time. The Zaloan Credit bank loan of up to CZK 80,000 is ready for new clients for the first time free of charge (you will return as much as 30 days in the agreed date). In order to do this, you will obtain a free Loan Account Maintenance, Payment Holidays twice a year and a Change in Due Date for CZK 0.

Non-bank loan 80 000 CZK first free does not exist or look for it. On the other hand, the first interest-free loan is ready for you at Zaloan Bank. Feel free to arrange a comfortable Zaloan Credit bank loan today!

Zaloan also works as:

Zaloan also works as:

· Non-bank loan for students

Students have a lot of expenses and so it is no wonder that they also apply for short-term loans. However, the new Consumer Credit Act obliges creditors to check the creditworthiness of applicants in order to limit the risk of non-repayment and execution. This made the student loan slightly complicated, but don’t despair! From the age of 19, you will reach Zaloan for student bank loans. Zaloan’s student loan helps, for example, Ivan of Deniks, who said: “I needed CZK 2,000 to pay extra energy in Prague’s sublease and Zaloan lent me for free. Within 15 days after paying my brigade money, I returned two thousand. Everything went quickly and without submitting any papers. “

· Non-bank loan for self-employed persons

Self-employed persons often need to bridge the short-term shortage of funds quickly. The Zaloan Credit overdraft works for both private individuals and self-employed persons by sending a monthly installment of the agreed minimum financial amount (interest is only 0.2833% per day), or even more as you like. A one-off tax of 12.5% ​​of the amount drawn is added to this. The loan can also be repaid with interest at once and have Zaloan Credit back at its original rate. A non-bank loan for entrepreneurs can be a complicated, but not a Zaloan business loan, a loan with transparent terms.

· Non-bank loan without registry and solus

The Zaloan bank loan is as fast as a non-bank loan. You can arrange it for a few clicks through a brief online form. Only send copies of both sides of the OP from the documents. A more substantial than guaranteed income is for Zaloan Bank your ability to repay and, in case of difficulties, timely communication with the client center. And if you borrow repeatedly within your Zaloan Credit overdraft facility, your loan is no longer a registry and solus. “Friendliness, willingness and thoughtfulness I have not experienced with any company yet,” said Jelai. You and her too!

Non-bank loan belongs to the past – IN is online Zaloan Bank without bureaucracy.

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