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Taking out a loan: how personal do you want it?

Taking out a loan: how personal do you want it?

You can take out a loan anywhere. But where can you find the best loan for your situation? In addition to the lowest interest, which provider also has the best conditions that suit your personal situation? In short: what should you pay attention to when taking out a loan?

Taking out a loan: execution-only or via an advisor?

With the terms of a loan, it is not only about whether your loan product is substantive, but also certainly the help and service you receive during and after taking out your loan.

Do you decide to take out a loan yourself and also to handle it in its entirety without help and or advice? Then you choose execution only. But is this the best option now? That depends on your situation and how much knowledge you have about payday loans.

This may be an option for some consumers with a great deal of knowledge. However, the vast majority of Dutch people have some experience with borrowing money, but not that specific knowledge to make a responsible choice. Help with taking out a loan is therefore not surprising.

Take out a loan through the private lender

If you take out a payday loan via the private lender, you will always be helped by qualified and experienced advisers. Together with you, we look at the possibilities and translate your wishes into a responsible payday loan. They also provide you with tips and ensure that your loan application is processed efficiently and carefully. Did you know that advice when taking out a loan is free of charge?

Fact or fable? What you need to know before taking out a loan


By applying directly (execution-only) without advice, my credit is approved faster or paid out faster.

  • This is absolutely not true, in some cases it takes longer because the provider cannot immediately make an inventory. If you receive advice, an estimate of your options is made efficiently and carefully and you will always receive an appropriate offer immediately.

Orientation is not important, I take out a loan directly online

Orientation as well as possible is very important when applying for a loan. What exactly should you pay attention to? Do not only look at the interest or the amount of the loan amount, but you also ask yourself what the relevant provider can do for you during the term of your loan. Are you going to take out a mortgage later?

Then it is nice that you can go for extra information to perhaps transfer your current loan. Or if you want to finance a renovation next to your mortgage, it is nice to first obtain information. The credit specialists of the private lender are happy to help you with these kinds of matters. Personal and careful.

My loan is automatically waived on death

My loan is automatically waived on death

If you take out a loan directly from a credit provider without advice, you are often not made aware of the risks of death. Simply because the provider is not allowed to advise this coverage or for the sake of convenience simply does not. Keep in mind if you do not have the financial means yourself that a loan is immediately due and payable by the bank on death.

The next of kin are then confronted with your residual debt. If you opt for assistance with taking out your loan, such as with private lenders, the advice is always given without obligation, based on your financial position. Taking out insurance is never mandatory, but it can be strongly recommended to avoid future problems.

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